Flexible Designs,
Simple Management

Manage your portfolio site anytime—instantly—with Neon Sky's powerful suite of tools. Adding and sorting your photos, videos and text is a breeze with our visual drag-and-drop interface.

You also have full control over all of the layout options and colors. Save presets and preview your changes before activating them on your live site.


Up To Three Sites, One Price

Multiple Sites

Create up to three sites--each at its own domain--1swith one Neon Sky account. This provides an opportunity for photographers and artists to target multiple markets, but keep their specialties separated on the web. No additional set-up costs, and no additional service fees.

The Website That Works Like An App


Update your content in one place and automatically publish to multiple devices. Whether it's the iPad, iPhone, Android, laptop or desktop, each version is customized for the best browsing experience.

  • Built on HTML5 and CSS3
  • Full-screen images with "tap to activate" menus and controls
  • Full-screen videos encoded with H.264
  • Automatically imports your site colors and branding

HD Videos & Multimedia

HD Video and Multimedia

Display your videos, multimedia, contact forms and external content in our sleek overlay window. It automaticaly dims the background for a theatric, seamless presentation. Now featuring support for YouTube, Vimeo, Soundslides, ShowItFast and more! Click for a preview.

Client-Only Galleries

Use our password-protected galleries to show your clients images without making them publically available. You can create as many of these galleries as you need, accessible right from your main navigation menu.

Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Clients overseas? Neon Sky now supports multiple languages; simply enter the translation for your content using the admin tool. Supported languages include: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Swedish and more. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about whether your language of choice is supported.

Ultra-Fast Content Delivery Network


What is a content delivery network? Fast. We've partnered with Limelight so that your images are served via a dedicated network of thousands of servers worldwide. In short, your clients will be able to see your work in Madrid and Shanghai just as quickly as they can in Los Angeles and New York.

Search-Engine Optimized

We automatically create a search engine-compatible version of your site that mirrors the content of your Flash and HTML5-based sites. This ensures that anything you type into your site--a biography, image captions or section overviews--can be seen by search engines.


We've also taken great lengths to give you everything you need to improve your organic search rankings. Edit your meta keywords, descriptions, page titles and image ALT tags down to a page-specific level. Not only that, but we automatically generate a sitemap of the whole thing for search engines like Google.

Statistics Tracking & Deep Linking

Discover where your traffic is coming from, how they browse your portfolio, and the amount of time they spend on your site. We support Google Analytics, which allows you to analyze your traffic data and better target your specific market. Our deep-linking technology also enables you to share a specific image or section via unique URLs. Learn more at google.com/analytics.